PAÑPURI WELLNESS commemorates its second anniversary with a celebration for diversity.
PAÑPURI WELLNESS celebrates its 2nd Anniversary with a unique flower art installation by locally and internationally renowned artist, Naraphat Sakarthornsap. An exclusive installation, BREAKING THE BOUNDARY, a breathtaking floral meditation that conveys the beauty of racial and physical diversity, and explores the boundaries set up by society, through a breathtaking flower arrangement. 
Located in the heart of Bangkok on the 12th floor of Gaysorn Tower, PAÑPURI WELLNESS offers an organic spa and Japanese onsen experience against the backdrop of the Bangkok skyline. In the past two years, the venue has been a sanctuary for holistic wellness, a space for workshops including yoga Nidra, and an exhibition gallery for famous artists including Gongkan. As such, PAÑPURI is providing the space for up and coming Thai artist, Naraphat Sakarthornsap, to showcase his exclusive installation—BREAKING THE BOUNDARY—for the 2nd Anniversary of PAÑPURI WELLNESS.
The intricate mixed-media installation is a beautiful symphony of flora in suspension. 
"We classify flowers and plants using scientific and botanical classifications to categorize them. At PAÑPURI WELLNESS, however, the boundaries and rules are removed, thus allowing an opportunity where a diversity of plants and flowers may bloom in freedom—just like how true beauty is free from any boundary," shares Naraphat.
"If we were to compare this classification of botany to humans, the context is similar in that humans are categorized based on their physical appearance. Whether that's skin color, genetics, race, geography or even gender—these are differences that one should not be labeled, separated or marginalized for. They are differences that should be celebrated—these unique features that create a 'separation' within the human perception is what leads to conflicts and rules against each other. That is why this floral installation acts as a medium for those who want to create changes in the world today, promote acceptance and celebrate our diversity—that we can exist in harmony despite our differences. The blossoming flowers rise towards a glass boundary that separates them to connect with each other, signifying the current generation trying to pave the way for the younger generations, as represented by the delicate blossoms at the base on each side, so that they may grow and cherish without the wall of prejudice barring them."
This masterpiece from Naraphat Sakarthornsap showcases the young generation's creative power, whose values on inclusivity, freedom, and equality are similarly shared by PAÑPURI and PAÑPURI WELLNESS, and will be on display at PAÑPURI WELLNESS from August 11 to September 6, 2020 from 11 a.m to 11 p.m.