PAÑPURI has long been an advocate of making clean, inclusive and sustainable beauty accessible to all. Since its inception, PAÑPURI has always let its pillars of clean beauty lead its initiatives, producing services that are good, effective and necessary. And these same pillars have catapulted the brand to what it is now, continuously leading the wave of change that’s disrupting the beauty industry.
As a thank you for making PAÑPURI and Clean Beauty grow, we’re developing better manufacturing practices and maintaining highly efficacious products, while keeping our prices low—permanently!
Enjoy the newly adjusted prices from June 1, 2020 onwards through every channel online and offline.
Get young and radiant skin with our facial treatment products from the LOTUS DEFENSE™ and ArunaYouth™ collections. Whether it’s wrinkles, dark spots or dull skin you’re looking to tackle, we have gentle and effective formulations your skin will love you for.

Bath & Body
Available in 5 different collections to tackle your different needs, our Bath & Body products promise softer, suppler skin and a revitalization of the mind. Choose from the REVIVE, AWAKEN, NOURISH, BALANCE and SOOTHE collections for different moods and benefits. 

Hair Care 

Look after your hair and scalp in the most natural and detoxifying fashion with our Hair Care products. Available in 3 different collections, REVIVE, NOURISH and BALANCE to tackle your hair and scalp problems, whether that’s dry, oily or damaged, frizzled hair—our hair care squad will be there to untangle the mess you are in.


Bask in the calming aroma that will transform your home space into a relaxing sanctuary. Choose from our beautiful designs and choice of aromas that answer to your inner calling.

PAÑPURI would like to thank you for the trust that you have always given us. The price adjustment will be effective from June 1, 2020 onwards through every channel online and offline, including every PAÑPURI store, PANPURI.COM, PAÑPURI in Lazmall, Central Online and Pomelo, as well as our PAÑPURI counters in every airport and duty free stores nationwide.*
*PAÑPURI stores in the airport and all duty free stores will adjust their rates in accordance to their policies. Please feel free to contact them for more information.