We’ve bottled the cleanest anti-aging skincare range with the ArunaYouthTM Complex

While many experts have debated on the actual percentage, many reports have suggested that 60 – 70% of anything you put on your skin actually does get absorbed. This is why there has been much scrutiny in products that you soak in (like bubble baths), apply and do not wash off (lotions, face and body creams, oil and powders), or "washes" over your entire body (like shampoos and conditioners).

This is why at PAÑPURI, the north star hangs crystal clear. Guided by the patented ZeroList™, a list made of 2,300 harmful or questionable ingredients banned from all formulations, ArunaYouthTM Complex embodies the PAÑPURI “Clean Beauty” creed, delivering clean beauty products that are good, effective and necessary. Each step of the process underscores that this is the cleanest of the clean skincare you could ever get your hands on.

To make sure that the source is clean, safe, controlled and traceable in every step, PAÑPURI partnered with the only organic jasmine sambac farm in Tak province, considered one of the greenest provinces in Thailand, to ensure cleanliness, purity and efficacy. With this, PAÑPURI makes sure “clean” starts from the very source—its farm and its ingredients. This is our promise of safety and peace of mind realized.


Studies have shown that parts of jasmine that have the highest level of antioxidants are the flower buds and leafstalks, so they should be hand-picked as delicately as possible. This is why every step of the harvest is critical for PAÑPURI. Picking these parts only by hand to ensure freshness and maximum benefits, PAÑPURI also makes sure the time of the harvest is done early morning, limited to only two hours before sunrise to ensure optimal quality.

Powered by jasminum sambac, locally known as the “Ratburana”, a variety of jasmine indigenous to Asia and Southeast Asia, ArunaYouthTM goes through a special technique that begins the minute the organic jasmine buds and leaves depart from the farm and make their way to the PAÑPURI laboratory within 24 hours of harvest. Then, the ingredients enter a maceration extraction process that brings out a pure, effective extract, without the use of heat, micro-organisms and chemicals. After this process, the extract enters the two encapsulation techniques—Molecular Inclusion and Freeze Drying—a special dual-innovation that makes sure what you put on your skin isn’t just effective, but also long-lasting.

ArunaYouth™ Complex is backed by years of research and development and a greater understanding of how the multi-layer human skin works. Through the encapsulation process, ArunaYouth™ Complex remains powered with antioxidants, a high level of phenolic compounds and a molecule size 8 times smaller than vitamin C to penetrate deep into the skin, restore youthfulness and reverse the 5 signs of aging. The result is skin that is radiant, smooth and younger-looking.

Discover how to turn back the hands of time and combat the 5 signs of aging with the REVIVE ArunaYouth™ Complex for reduced wrinkles, minimized age spots, improved firmness, refined texture and elevated natural glow. Plus, score yourself complimentary samples at all PAÑPURI stores or shop online now.